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How to Change Your Windshield Wipers

‌Just as the rest of your car needs regular maintenance, so do your windshield wipers. It is easy to forget about them, we know, but over time, you’ll definitely notice visibility issues as they begin to wear out. After all, they are your front line, regularly being exposed to the elements of rain and snow, as well as dust, dirt, and anything else on the road.

How to Change Your Oil

‌Learning how to change your oil at home is an easy DIY task that will save you a trip to your local dealership or mechanic, as well as some dollars. And trust us, you’ll feel empowered and will get that extra pep in your step, after realizing you know how to operate and take care of your vehicle better.

What to Do if You've Been in a Car Accident

‌Today is the day of the big meeting. You’re out the door and in your car, and you’re confident that the day is going to go as smoothly as it always does. You set your coffee into the drink holder in the center console, set your items on the passenger seat, buckle your seatbelt, and plug the key into the ignition. The engine turns over, as expected. You turn your head, and don’t see any oncoming vehicles, and pull out of the driveway onto the street. Your phone goes off. You look at the screen for a moment, and then pick up the phone to open your messaging app. You continue to pull out the car into the street, and… Boom! An oncoming vehicle hits the back of your car. What do you do when you’ve been in an accident? There are a few steps that you must immediately take in any given scenario, to maintain a transparent process for the both of you. 

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